Monday, June 23, 2008

"How I Spent My Stimulus"

I ran across recently. It's an interactive blog where anyone can submit an entry describing how they spent their stimulus check, and comment on other people's posts. There was a New York Magazine article about the site, and the web site's creators are even planning to publishing a book (submissions must be entered by tomorrow, June 24, to be considered for inclusion).

It's interesting--and rather voyeuristic--to see the creative & personal things that people are doing with their money, and find out what their priorities are. Spending it on necessities (gas, paying bills) seems to be a popular choice, but some individuals blew their money on entertainment, and the accompanying photos are rather interesting, even humorous at times. I of course didn't qualify for a rebate check, but if I had it wouldn't have made for an interesting story as I would have applied it toward debt retirement.

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