Monday, January 18, 2010

Completed my first half marathon!

I've never been a runner, and I had never done any kind of competitive or distance running in my life--in fact I actively avoided it due to the high impact nature of the sport.

However, about three months ago I got to know some runners, and became inspired to train for a half marathon. It was a lofty goal, but one that I felt I could test myself with, and I believed I was physically up for the challenge. So I started following a rigorous (for me) 12 week training program, running mostly indoors on the treadmill. My very first run was four miles, and I averaged over nine minutes per mile. It was pretty brutal though, and I was sore for days after. However, I persisted on, and ran a 10K race a couple of weeks later, managing to finish in 51 minutes.

Encouraged by my progress, I continued training and despite some setbacks (foot injuries), I was able to complete my half marathon in under my goal of two hours. It was an exhilarating feeling of personal achievement, because I had proven that I had the resolve and determination to accomplish any goal I set my mind to--no matter how difficult it may be. I have to give major props to true distant runners though, because it takes an inordinate amount of time and dedication to do what they do.