Saturday, November 24, 2007

Those Black Friday deals

Well, another Black Friday has come and gone. I'm sure there were some good deals for people who needed them, and were willing to fight the crowds. However, if you didn't need the items, then they probably weren't a good deal. For one thing, things like consumer electronics tend to get better and cheaper over time, so what seems like a good deal today probably won't seem that way a few months from now. Secondly, if you watched the Oprah show on hoarders, you know that keeping stuff has associated costs: making space for it, keeping track of it, and opportunity cost.

Although I enjoy a good deal as anyone else (and I do bargain shop when I need something), I value my time too much to spend it waiting in line battling the elements (it was interesting to drive around and see all the people who were willing to do that, however). Instead, I spent my Thanksgiving evening with family, followed up with an enjoyable experience at the movies.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, and as you browse through the ads, think about whether you own your stuff, or your stuff owns you.

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